The Super Super-8 Film Festival
24 May 00 - Seattle

  • Sit & Spin
    2219 - 4th Ave. (in Belltown)
    Doors - 8:00p
    Show - 8:30p

  • Live musical accompaniment by Skerik from Critters Buggin

  • Info for 2001 SS8 tour.

After a two year hiatus, The Super Super-8 Film Festival returned to Seattle courtesy of Emerald Reels and Blackchair Productions. This 10-film screening brought the "festival" back into the film festival -- with live musical accompaniment to films by Skerik, Joe Doria (From El Guzano Quartet) and John Wicks -- in addition to bingo, door prizes, sing-a-longs and more.

A gala event highlighting unusual & lovely super-8 films, The Super Super-8 Film Festival is dedicated to keeping the beauty of super-8 filmmaking alive. Through an extensive network of supportive venues across the world, the tour presents magical & adventurous super-8 creations to hungry small-format audiences far and wide. Tour founder & super-8 aficionado, Melinda Stone, accompanies the program as it makes its way across the globe, ensuring excellent treatment and gentle care of the fragile films.

The film program featured a diverse range of creativity including Mark Fox’s mysterious and alluring Untitled Animation, , Martha Colburn’s unforgettable hard-core creation There’s a Pervert in Our Pool, and local filmmaker Reed O’Beirne’s short political documentary, No Time for Shopping.

The live portion of the show is something to be particularly proud of. Live music by Skerik, Doria and Wicks provided an element of surprise and spontaneous creation that is unparalleled in contemporary forms of film exhibition. BINGO was played throughout the evening and the program began with a sing-a-long.


  • Take Me Home by Matt Hulse, 16mm blow-up, b&w, optical sound
  • Spring Flavor by Ken Paul Rosenthal, 16mm blow-up, color, live sound
  • There’s a Pervert in Our Pool by Martha Colburn, 16mm blow-up, color, optical sound
  • Tabernacle by Tony Gault, 16mm blow-up, color, optical sound
  • No Time for Shopping by Reed O’Beirne, 16mm blow-up, color, live sound
  • Degree Zero by Te-Shun Tseng, super-8 double projection, b&w, live sound
  • Untitiled Animation by Mark Fox, super-8, color, live sound
  • Paris 95 by Patrick Nguyen, super-8, b&w, cassette
  • The Diggins by Christian Bruno and Natalija Vekic, super-8 double projection, color, cassette

For more info on the Super-8 2000 World Tour, check out the website of the Polyester Prince.

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