Rhythm Assemblies - a program of short undependent films by Reed O'Beirne

Rhythm Assemblies

A program of short undependent films by reed o'beirne.

“Cinema has more to do with dance, than it does with novels,” says Seattle filmmaker, Reed O’Beirne, “because it is fundamentally rhythm and movement over time.” Join us as Reed screens a selection of short films from his 23-year career, including No Time For Shopping (2000), a dynamic look at the anti-WTO demonstrations in Seattle featuring a soundtrack by Tucker Martine; Last of Our Kind (2012), a modern interpretation of the Persephone myth featuring a soundtrack by Robin Guthrie; and Phantom Limbs (2015), a cameraless film created from animated MRI scans with a soundtrack by Seattle band St. Kilda.


Next Screening: Thur 11 May 2017 - 8:00pm

Northwest Film Forum
1515 12th Ave.
Seattle WA 98122
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Phantom Limbs 2015 St. Kilda
Cancer Schmancer 1994 n/a
Allergy for Life 1997 Reed
Bone & Gristle 1995 Reed & Ted Grudowski
Last of Our Kind 2012 Robin Guthrie
Little Bit 1994 Reed
Get to Go 2006 Tucker Martine
Surface Waves 2015 Robin Guthrie
Scratch 1994 Reed
No Time for Shopping 2000 Tucker Martine
Full of Empty 1999 public domain
Tri-Alogue #2 2017 Tom Foe
$O$ 2001 William Bernhard



Previous Screenings:

Whitsell Auditorium (Portland Art Museum)
1219 SW Park Ave
Portland OR 97205
(9 Mar 2017, 8pm)










































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Phantom Limbs
No Time for Shopping
Last of Our Kind
Cancer Schmancer
Surface Waves
No Time for Shopping