Tri-Alogue - a short experimental documentary series by Caryn Cline, Linda Fenstermaker and Reed O'Beirne



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A series of short films
co-created by:

caryn cline,
linda fenstermaker,
reed o'beirne


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Telecine Colorist:
Jeff Tillotson at Lightpress




Made in part with support from
Interbay Cinema Society






Tri-Alogue Title

Tri-Alogue Still-



Synopsis: By presenting three filmmakers work simultaneously within a single 16mm frame, Tri-Alogue offers a complexity of perspective that undermines the omniscient cinematic gaze and evokes a deeper relational mystery.

Collaborating to subdivide a 16mm filmframe into thirds, Caryn Cline, Linda Fenstermaker and Reed O'Beirne present their separately-shot-segments simultaneously within one spatial plane. From the interplay of these three points of view, emerges a cinematic conversation based on a horizontal compositional logic within the shared frame. This combined connotative-relationship between the subframes evokes a spectacle of fractured spatial and temporal perspective.


#2 San Diego Underground Film Festival San Diego CA 23 Aug 2018
#2 Bogotá Experimental Film Festival Bogota Columbia 16 May 2018
#2 Cinema Museum - Exploding Cinema London England 24 Feb 2018
#2 London Experimental Film Festival London England 3 Dec 2017
#2 Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen Germany 27 Oct 2017
#2 AntiMatter Victoria Canada 14 Oct 2017
#2 Southern Colorado Film Festival Alamosa CO 12 Oct 2017
#2 Oaxaca FilmFest Oaxaca Mexico 12 Oct 2017
#3 Local Sightings Festival Seattle WA 25 Sep 2017
#3 Coop Microcinema Nashville TN 16 Sep 2017
#1 Organic Films at The Grand Illusion Seattle WA 12 Sep 2017
#1 Shorts to the Point Bucharest Romania 1 Jul 2017
#3 Seattle International Film Festival Seattle WA 25 May 2017
#2 Experiments in Cinema Albuquerque NM 22 Apr 2017










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Tri-Alogue Still

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