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West of Lenin Theater

Emerald Reels

Undependent Cinema Showcase 2011

Tue. 6 December 2011, 8pm - $5

West of Lenin Theater (map)

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On 6 December, Seattle-based Emerald Reels presented a curated collection of experimental, animated and creatively-narrative short films from filmmakers around the U.S. including Martha Colburn, Barbara Ireland, Rob Zverina, Doug Lane, Steve Demas, dzigafilmsyndicate, Jason Gutz, Michael McCarty, Tony Gault, Danielle Morgan, and Reed O'Beirne. The films explore themes and techniques that are largely outside of mainstream filmmaking and challenge the traditional approach to cinema thru a do-it-yourself creative ethos.

Martha Colburn’s hand-painted animations explore the interconnectedness of political protests from around the planet. Tony Gault uses digitally manipulated 16mm footage to evoke the inner meaning of a family’s home movies. Barbara Ireland and Danielle Morgan portray love and attraction in surreal, explosive narratives. Tactical media laboratory, dzigafilmsyndicate, presents a mediation on life, death, pop culture, folk art, scenic view points and vodka. Doug Lane, Jason Gutz and Michael McCarty use handheld super-8 cameras with a cast and crew of friends to create alternate worlds laced with facepaint and poignancy. The show’s one night only and not to be missed if you want to see what else is possible in contemporary cinema.

The screening ran at West of Lenin, a lovely new multi-purpose theater and studio space that re-establishes a permanent, live performance theater in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood.


Filmmaker Title
Rob Zverina RobZtv
Martha Colburn Join the Freedom Force
dzigafilmsyndicate this is sh!t
Barbara Ireland Panther
Michael McCarty The Swamp Disaster
Tony Gault Ghost of Yesterday
Danielle Morgan The Visited
Reed O'Beirne Love is No Assignment for Cowards
Doug Lane and Steve Demas Redneck Joe and the Fish Biologist
Jason Gutz Goodbye Kodachrome...Goodbye!

Venue: West of Lenin, 203 N. 36 St., Seattle, WA 98103
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