Planet STIFF - year four
Consolidated Works - 7 Oct 2000 - 9pm to 6am

Featuring cinema from: Wiggly World, 911 Media Arts, Microcinema, Seattle Underground Film Festival, Emerald Reels, 3 Dollar Bill, Dzigafilmsyndicate, Galaxaco's Doomed Planet, IMC, and Fritz Lang's Metropolis

Live Music: Melody Unit, Ota Prota, Degenerate Art Ensemble, DJ Justice

Live Performances: P.A.N., I-Shan, Sarah J. Walker, Trypod

Video Installation: Tanya Hughes

Media: HPX and Black Ball Radio 89.1

Consolidated Works - 410 Terry Avenue North - between Harrison and Republican, in the South Lake Union neighborhood. Click here for a map.

More info: Click here

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