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Group (c) - Undependent, Avant-guard, Experimental, Lo-fi
A film produced as an artistic expression that does not necessarily follow a scripted, narrative plot structure. Funding sources for these low/no budget films range from the individual filmmaker's pocket to arts grants and patrons. This group is treated as a minor offshoot in the mainstream's annals of filmmaking history. When in reality, this catchall category includes the widest variety and quality of films ever produced. For example, this category covers many first films by aspiring filmmakers as well as movies by artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Maya Dern, Stan Brakhage, and Andy Wharhol. The goal of the undependent filmmaker is to make better films, not to enter into the Hollywood Industrial Complex.

Though considered mainstream, there is nothing normal to filmmaking about the standard, large-budget, plot-driven filmstyle. Certainly it can lead to impressive results, but the process is an incredible filmmaking contrivance that requires a great deal of method and manipulation. Nevertheless, this single style is propagated as the only definition of "normal" filmmaking. As such, any aspirant to this sort of filmmaking is expected to chase boring, unstable, low-paying jobs in the industry that have little or nothing to do with the nuts and bolts reality of filmmaking. Real filmmaking tasks - such as shooting, directing and editing - are divided-up by the industry and then offered only to those who have endured this system for years or graduated from expensive filmschools or are otherwise properly connected.

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