Satellites 2000:
Screens from Outer Spaces
19 - 28 May 2000

Friday, May 26th
911 Media Center, 8pm, $6 / $4 (911 members)
Thanks to the power of independent media, clever individuals and small groups can perform cultural jujitsu on the mighty forces of global capitalism. Subvert-It includes: McLibel: Two World’s Collide, One-Off Productions. The inside story of a single father and a part-time bar worker who took on the McDonalds Corporation. Enjoy the Movie, Gordon Winiemko and Julie Wyman. Two artists with a strange obsession, a two story neon Coca Cola sign. WTO Seattle, Adbusters. A two minute PSA from the famous anti-ad collective. The Pies the Limit, Whispered Media. The oldest gag in the book, a pie in the face, gets used as a political statement against the fat cats of the world like, Milton Friedman, Willie Brown and Big Billy Bill. Bringing IT All To You, ®tMark. Channels healthy anger into clever campaigns design to generate publicity and get the message heard. Tonight’s show is presented in conjunction with Center on Contemporary Art and the Independent Media Center as part of the upcoming exhibition "The Whole World is Watching: Art, Images, and Literature from the WTO Protests."

For more info check out the websites for 911 Media Arts Center and/or The Independent Media Center

911 Media Arts Center
117 Yale Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98109, USA

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