2001 Artist Statement

Images have replaced ideology as the most powerful agent in the human sphere. The basic subject of my work is their visual language. Some of the images in this collection are of people I know, others are not.

While the initial wide-scale dissemination of imagery (photography in particular) led to the democratization of experience, this (just as in our political sphere) has now been superceded by commodification. We are all heavily influenced (knowingly, or unknowingly) by film, fashion and advertising imagery. Drawing this language allows me to lay claim to it at the level of the personal, disengaging myself (at least partially) from a role as a passive receptacle. It is a process of seeing, and being completely artificial, more phenomenological than ontological. It is a way to promote a sustained contemplation of the world. Words, as a mirror or bridge to this experience, are merely an afterthought, clouds which pass fleetingly into the ether.

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