Monte Donaldson / DJ EEG
1968 - 2000

This page is excerpted from a December 1999 interview by Courtney Reimer published in The Stranger

While it's true that many club DJs command the rank and aura of rock stars, there is a group of them who eschew fame and throbbing beats in favor of ambient, down-tempo sounds. In Seattle, DJ EEG was one of the luminaries of this field.

DJ Moniker - EEG: "The E.E.G. (electroencephalogram) is the method by which brain waves are measured. I choose the name because I was interested in the positive effects of alpha waves on the psyche."

Musical Genre of Choice: "Lately I've been inspired by the amalgam of Latin-Afro jazz, organic-intelligent drum & bass and house (not house). The title 'ambient' doesn't describe the music, but rather the vibe. To me, ambient connotes a good friend, a strong ally."

Worst Request: "The nicest guy came up to me a few weeks ago and really wanted to hear 'Margaritaville' by Jimmy Buffett. I almost felt bad that I didn't have it."

Influences: "Anybody who feeds my head: my fiancée Colleen, Donald Glaude has a great zen quality and is a great entertainer. Steve Hawks is a local visual artist who does installations at ambient nights around town." EEG also cites filmmaker David Lynch, songwriter Donovan, and writer-musician Paul Bowles, "who could transform the horrors of the world into sheer poetry."

EEG published a semi-random bulletin called the Northwest Sleep Guide that can be found at independent record stores. Prior to his death EEG was also at work on his first super-8 film, The Ambient Vacuum Cleaner which will be completed by his sister, Desirae.

In Heavy Rotation:

  1. Easy Tempo Experiance and Are You Experienced, Italian filmusic remix compilations (Temposphere)
  2. Future Sounds of Jazz, compilation (Compost)
  3. Extended Spirit, Solis-Water
  4. Misturada, compilation (Far Out)
  5. Joe Clausell, Language (Ibadan)

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