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Satellites 2003:
Screens from Outer Spaces
April 17 to 27

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Satellites 2003 is a showcase of Northwest venues, organizations and artists dedicated to the undependent, alternative and experimental film & video arts. View poster!

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New Berlin Underground Film 1999-2002, April 19th Films and sculptures by Bruce Bickford, April 24th. Visit also:

Thursday, April 17, 7:30pm
Films by
Bruce Baillie
Puget Sound Cinema Society presents films by Bruce Baillie, founder of Canyon Cinema and one of the fathers of American underground film. Mr. Baillie will be in attendance. The show starts at 7:30 pm with a customary pre-show smorgasbord at 7:00 pm. | Univ. Heights Center (all ages) | 5031 Univ. Way NE | 7:30pm | pay-what-you-can

Friday, April 18, 7pm
2nd Generation: Found Footage Works
Wiggly World Studios and 911 Media Arts Center have teamed up to present an evening of new found footage films and videos. Don't miss the world premieres of these works reconstructed from existing film, video, and TV material! Includes cinematic manipulations by Mark Brunke, Sebastian Del Castillo, Doug Lane, Franklin Joyce, and others. The Little Theater (all ages) | 608 - 19th Ave. E. | 206.329.2629 | 7pm | $7 / $4.50 (members)

Friday April 18, 9pm
Satellites Opening Party!
Celebrating Seattle's alternative film and video community at the Satellites festival opening party! The city's freakiest filmmakers, media artists, and curators will be there enjoying good company, food, drink, and projected oddities from NWFF's film library. Bring yourself! Bring your friends! Bring your grandmother's chocolate chip cookies and your cousin's moonshine! | The Little Theater (all ages) | 608 - 19th Ave. E. | 206.329.2629 | 9pm | free

April 18 & April 19, 11pm
Grand Illusion Late Nite Films presents UHF
Mind-bending slapstick collides with pop culture parody at 9000 miles per hour in Jay Levey’s UHF (USA, 1989, 35mm, 97m, PG). Starring Weird Al Yankovic and a list of supporting players that reads like a who’s who of Hollywood misfits and outcasts! "Just buying a ticket lowers your IQ!" -The Washington Post | The Grand Illusion Cinema | 1403 NE 50th St. at University Way | 206.523.3935 | 11pm | $7 / $4.50 (members)
The Grand Illusion Cinema

Saturday, April 19, 4pm
North Meets South Film Exchange
Jason Gutz presents an afternoon of films from Olympia as part of a South Sound traveling film show (Seattle films screen in Olympia the following weekend). Featuring films by Devon Demonte, Bridget Irish, Jared Pappas-Kelley, Jason Gutz and more.| Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater (21+) | 2320 2nd Ave (in Belltown) | 4pm | $5

Olympia vs. Seattle

Saturday April 19, 8pm
New Berlin Underground Film 1999-2002
Steve Creson presents a selection of 8 films created in Berlin, Germany that range from experimental and documentary to narrative. Most of these beautiful works are 16mm made by young underground filmmakers living in Berlin today. | Consolidated Works (all ages) | 500 Boren Ave. N (Republican and Boren) | 206.381.3218 | 8pm | $6

Sunday April 20, 2 - 5pm
Work by Video Artist Peter Rose
Puget Sound Cinema Society presents Peter Rose, one of the finest and funniest avant-garde video artists. Mr. Rose will present, in person, his newest work, and a few of his classic videos and films as well, including "Pressures of the Text." | The University of Washington Cabaret, in Hutchinson Hall (all ages) | 2-5pm | pay-what-you-can

Sunday, April 20, 5 - 11pm
Anti-War Happy Bunny Kitty Puppy Easter Love-Fest
Galaxaco Communications presents new locally produced anti-imperialist videos premiering in a space saturated with guerrilla poster art, music and fuzzy animals. | Aftermath Gallery (all ages) | 928 12th Ave. | 206.443.2708 | 5-11pm | free

Monday, April 21, 8pm
Films of Jon Behrens
Filmmaker Jon Behrens will screen a full program of his experimental films including the World Premier of his latest film Anomalies of the Unconscious (with a sound track by Negativeland). | Consolidated Works (all ages) | 500 Boren Ave. N (Republican and Boren) | 206.381.3218 | 8pm | $6

Tuesday April 22, 9pm
Independent Exposure plus other work
Microcinema International presents Independent Exposure - Edition Français 2003, an evening of 11 unique independent short films, videos, and digital works by emerging artists from France. | Aftermath Gallery (all ages) | 928 12th Ave | 206.709.9797 | 9pm | $5
Independent Exposure

Wednesday, 23 April 23, 8pm
Super-8 Open Screening: Death or Taxes
Wiggly World presents an open screening that focuses on the two inevitabilities in life: shuffling off this mortal coil and filing the 1040. Films should be submitted two days beforehand. | Little Theatre (all ages) | 608 - 19th Ave. E. | 206.329.2629 | $5 / $3 (members)
Wiggly World Super-8

Thursday, April 24, 8pm
Films and Sculptures by Bruce Bickford
Bruce Bickford is a living legend of contemporary animation. He'll be showing clips of collaborations he made with Frank Zappa up through current pieces, and some of the sets he made, too. | Consolidated Works (all ages) | 500 Boren Ave. N (Republican and Boren) | 206.381.3218 | 8pm | $6

Friday, April 25, 8pm
The Appallingly Bleak Films Experiment
Satellites curator-at-large Chris Chase presents this surefire cure for hangovers, the blues, the dumps, and all manner of the world's ills. A rare chance to see some of the most appallingly bleak films ever conceived (unavailable on video!). To include: Gordon Parks' pre-Shaft gut-wrencher Diary of a Harlem Family (1968); the rare Film-Noir Educational Assembly Line (1961); and Wetzel O. Whitaker's late Mormon masterpiece of misery Cipher in the Snow (1973). All films are 16mm prints from the archives of the eternally upbeat Dennis Nyback |
911 Media Arts Center | 117 Yale Ave N. (all ages)| 206.682.6552 | 8pm | $5 / $3 (members)


Cipher in the Snow

Saturday, April 26, 2 - 4pm
Deconstructing Distribution Panel Discussion
Presented by
Seattle AIVF Salon & 911 Media Arts Center
Local producers, distributors and filmmakers discuss discuss alternative distribution, festival programming, and finding niche market for your projects. Panelists include Kathleen McInnis, John Sinno, Staci Simpson, and Jennifer Loomis. Q&A will follow. | 911 Media Arts Center | 117 Yale Ave. N. | 206.682.6552 | 2-4 pm | $5 / $4 (AIVF/911 Members)
911 Media Arts Center

Saturday, April 26, 8pm
The Best of the 29th Northwest Film & Video Festival
Ten films selected from the hundreds submitted to the Portland-based Northwest Film Center’s annual Northwest Film & Video Festival. Includes films by Wes Kim, Ann Marie Fleming, Kirk Hostetter, Evan Mather and others. Presented by Seattle AIVF Salon. | 911 Media Arts Center | 117 Yale Ave. N. | 206.682.6552 | 8pm | $7 / $5 (AIVF/911 Members)
Seattle AIVF Salon


NW Film Center

Sunday, April 27, 9pm
Satellites 2003 Closing Night Party
All are invited to the closing festivities for Satellites 2003. Enjoy this chance to meet the curators, filmmakers, actors and musicians who worked to put together this year’s festival. If you like the movies, you'll love the party. | The Rendezvous (21+)| Cash Bar | 2320 2nd Ave (in Belltown) | 9pm | Free

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