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Independent Exposure

Wed. 11 January, 7pm & 9pm

Central Cinema

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On 11 January in Seattle, the Independent Exposure screening series presented an international collection of short films & videos ranging from animation to documentary to experimental to dramatic narrative. Here's a review of the program from The Stranger:

* Independent Exposure
The monthly short film and video series returns to Central Cinema with 60 minutes of new programming. There are a few intriguing experimental shorts, including a Swiss film called Kunstdefinitionen, in which various bizarre characters emerge from snow globes to discourse on the definition of art (all of which are, of course, wildly off the mark), and spam letter + google image search = video entertainment, a sort of automatic writing for the internet age that does exactly what it proposes (every word from an e-mail about a supposedly enormous inheritance is set to an image suggested by Google) but somehow fails to live up to its promise.

The best of the batch, however, are three documentaries: Starlet, an unsettling meta-documentary in which the earnest audition interviews from a gaggle of would-be starlets become the film itself; The Beautiful and the Fine, about a soft-spoken and misty-eyed "bio-collector" who refers to his carnivorous plants as "fellow travelers"; and Undressing My Mother, an Irish film about a middle-aged woman's unsentimental but emotional assessment of her own body.
-Annie Wagner from The Stranger

This 60-minute program included short movies from Carl Nolting, Andre Silva, Kitao Sakurai, Ideagarden, Rick Kent, Brian Evans, Rob Tyler, Chieh Huang, Michiel van Bakel, Rusty Nails, Yuri A, and Ken Wardrop.

Independent Exposure screens at The Central Cinema, Seattle's only movie-dinner-theater. Central Cinema offers beer & wine plus a full menu available at all shows with waiter service in the theater. Independent Exposure returns to Seattle courtesy of Microcinema International, Central Cinema and Emerald Reels. The series will continue on the 2nd Wednesday of each month with a new program each month.

Independent Exposure
Central Cinema
1411 21st Avenue (21st & Union)
11 January 2006 @ 7pm and 9pm, $5
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