Flicker West Coast Tour
19 April 00 - Seattle

Flicker is a bi-monthly film festival whose Chapel Hill charter was started by Norwood Cheek in 1994 (finding inspiration from a Flicker Fest in Athens, Georgia). In 1997, Norwood moved to LA and set up a Flicker Festival there. Now there are Flicker Screenings happening every other month in LA, Chapel Hill, and Richmond, Virginia.

The main idea behind Flicker is to give local filmmakers an informal outlet and forum for their films. Flicker screens only short movies that originate on film. There is never an entry fee for filmmakers1 submissions, and a $100 Flicker Grant is given at each fest.

The Flicker West Coast Tour features the "best of" super-8 and 16mm films from the LA chapter of Flicker. For more info check out the Flicker website.

Flicker West Coast Tour Schedule:

Info on 2003 Flicker West Coast Tour.

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