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Independent Exposure

Autumn 2006 Edition

Wed. 8 November, 7 & 9pm

Central Cinema (click for directions)

		  Central Cinema Directions

Wednesday 8 November celebrates Independent Exposure's first full year playing at Seattle's Central Cinema. The night freatures two special events: Independent Exposure Autumn 2006 Edition - a collection of 13 international short films that reflect upon the social, political, personal and artistic changes that have happened over the last several years. Plus, a live multi-media play by Kiki Allgeier from New York.

Independent Exposure includes works by Chris Ohlson, Phil Hastings, Chirstinn Whyte, Jake Whyte, Messenger, Hope Tucker, Lina Dorado, Luis Dorado, Cantillo, Kathy Huang, Sietske Tjallingii, Frederic Lecomte, Reed O'Beirne, Dennis Miller, Aileen McCormack, Paul Fletcher, and Daniel Greaves.

Evening Also Includes: Connect with Me (Kiki Allgeier) -- A new multi-media event utilizing a live actor interacting with characters & scenes presented thru video. Performance artist Kiki Allgeier, is touring her creation thru undependent venues along the West Coast. The story involves a girl whose mother leaves her in the fantastical town of Blue to be raised by three of the town's best housewives in a glass room, where they could all watch her. When she discovers red at the age of 20, she decides to leave blue and pursue her search for color. Live and pre-recorded video lead Mandy on a journey to find her own identity and make her own connections with the rest of the world.

Admission for the 7pm Connect With Me is also good for the 9pm Independent Exposure screening

Independent Exposure
Central Cinema
1411 21st Avenue (21st & Union)
7pm - Connect with Me
9pm - Independent Exposure Fall 2006 Edition
8 November 2006 | $5
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