Doug Lane

My films come out of my daydreams and anxieties. Since childhood, I've envisioned scenarios (like a jet crashing into the playground - so school would be evacuated) as a way of dealing with boredom. Some of my films express a cold war preoccupation with militarism and bureaucracy because I grew up in the Tacoma WA area, next to the Ft. Lewis Army base during the 1960's and 70's.

I can express my scenarios and obsessions without resorting to expensive training and production facilities through the simplicity and portability of super-8 equipment.


Title Year Time
Space Zombies from X Mountain 2003 15:00
Psycho-Bio Flotsam 2003 5:00
Noise-O-Rama 2003 5:00
Psychosis-3 2003 5:45
Parallel Worlds of Animal Consciousness 2002 8:00
Philosophical Investigations at a Former Air Defense Site 2002 4:30
Tested 2001 4:40
Destruk Big Time 2001 4:35
X-Kraft Recovery 2001 10:00
Women Who Dissect Men 2000 6:00
Excavation Site Madness 2000 10:00
Movie from a Seriously Hurt Mind 2000 11:00
Suburban Sarcophagus 1999 8:00
Here Comes 2000 AD 1999 7:00
Dark Dreams 1999 4:17
Tract Home Trauma 1998 4:27
Electro-Head Remote Field Station 1988 13:00
Air Defense Systems 1988 13:00
Culture of the Silver People 1987 10:00
The Probe Tape 1986 6:00


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