Emerald Reels Super-8 Lounge Submission Application

Due Date: TBD
For more info on ERS8 submissions, click here.

Please print out this page or cut & paste to a text or email document

Filmmaker: ________________________________________
Email: ________________________________________
Telephone: _____________________________________
US mailing address: ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________
Filmtitle: ________________________________________
Category: ________________________________________
Brief description: ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________
Year completed: ________________________________________
Where was the film shot: ________________________________________
Runspeed: (18 or 24fps) ________________________________________
Runtime: (min & sec)


Is it sound-on-film? Y/N

What type of print will be available for the screening? Super-8, 16mm, regular-8 (check all that apply)

Are you enclosing return postage? Y/N

What's your preference for return shipping your film? (USmail, UPS, Fed Ex, etc.)

If appropriate, a dj or musician may add additional sounds while your film is playing.

USmail address:
Emerald Reels
710 6th Ave. S., #1340
Seattle WA 98104

There is no submission fee because this show's dedicated to supporting low-budget filmmaking. For more info on ERS8 submissions, click here.