Opening Night - 2 Nov 98
- The Grass Roots of Undependent Cinema -



The Emerald Reels Super-8 Lounge (ERS8) opening night drew an audience of well over 70 people and featured the work of 8 filmmakers. The bartender upstairs practically collapsed from exhaustion since they had expected another boring Monday night. Instead, film enthusiasts jammed the downstairs viewing area for a roaring night of entertainment, inspiration and socializing. The evening featured a visual ensemble of film loops, slide projections and nine Super 8 films. These projects were bound together by the varied sounds and songs of the eminent dj eeg.


Filmmaker Filmtitle
Lisa McElroy Haunt
Ben Ireland Season of Persephone
Troy Swanson Work in Progress
Reed O'Beirne Historically Talk is Cheap
Markus Krieg Super Street
Will Skolochenko Circlemaker
Markus Krieg The Wedding
Per Anderson The Garden
Slide Projections: Ted Grudowski

Music: dj eeg

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