"The Largest Super-8 Festival in World History"

Saturday 8 Jan 00

Featured Filmmakers: Martha Colburn, Anne Robertson, Danny Plotnick, Ricardo Nicolayevsky, Reed O'Beirne, Ben Ireland, Doug Lane, Hamish Chapel, Rachel Lord, David Pfluger, Jason Gutz, Mia Roozen, Victor Ingrassia, Andy Spletzer, Robert Graves, Michael McCarty, Michelle Rosenberg, Tom Furtwangler, Terry Podnar, Lea Rekow and more.

Seattle played host the largest Super8.1.2000 event in North America - featuring a virtuostic display of super-8 talent by over 17 filmmakers plus additional slides by Martha Colburn. Our special musical guest for the evening was Hana, a band featuring two super-8 filmmakers (Ben Ireland and Anisa Romero) plus the experimental sound genius, Jeff Greinke. In addition, our usual worldclass djs (dj 00#/ and dj eeg) were on hand to help soothe the passing of the Millennium.

This Seattle Screening is made possible with support from:

  • Retro Media
  • - zShops