"The Largest Super-8 Festival in World History"

Saturday 8 Jan 00

Portland's Clinton Street Theatre
2522 SE Clinton St.
At 2pm

On january 8th 2000, home movie fans and super 8 enthusiasts gathered at the amazing Clinton Street Theater in southeast Portland to view a small installment of GLOBAL SUPER 8 DAY. Twelve original shorts by filmmakers from Olympia, Seattle, San Fransisco and Portland were screened for an almost packed house. Crowd favorites included Danny Plotnick's classic-PIPSQUEAK PFOLLIES and DOLL MEMORIES by first time Portland filmmaker Andrea Hand. Barring numerous technical difficulties (rusty projectors and out of synch audio tracks-sorry Kat) the show was a success. The goodnatured and generous audience helped raise close to two hundred bucks and piled up many household item donations to benefit the Independent Living Program, a local youth fostercare organization. Stay tuned for more super 8 events at the fabulous Clinton Street Theater!

For more info contact: Attila Agoston

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