ERS8 - 19 April 1999

Filmmaker Filmtitle Time
Ted Grudowski Opening Slide Sequence 10:00
Martha Colburn What's On? 3:00
Ben Ireland SCM - the scene behind the scene 3:00
Reed O'Beirne Rise Up Singing 2:36
Igor Peev, et alius Opportunity Costs 1:02
Martha Colburn My Secret Shame 3:00
Doug Lane Electrohead 12:51
Ted Grudowski Intermission Slide Sequence 15 min.
Anisa Romero So Nice 3:00
Terry Podnar Yes, the River Knows 3:55
Reed O'Beirne All About You 3:00
Markus Krieg Steff & the Circle of Wood 2:24
David Luzius Dirty Laundry 2:19
Interlude Elliott Bay Filmette 0:40
Hamish Chapel I Love My Job 3:30
Ben Ireland Ode to Artifice 5:00


Music by DJ 00#/
At Seattle's Alibi Room

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