ERS8 - 17 May 1999

Filmmaker Filmtitle Time
Anisa Romero So Nice 3:00
Ben Ireland SCM - the scene behind the scene 3:00
Roderick Romero Until the Grinders Cease 3:00
Clarity Miller Milklife (a tragedy) 8:00
Rachel Lord The Good, the Bad and the Al Dente 3:17
Interlude Icecycles 0:30
Anne Robertson Five Year Diary (selection) 8:30
Michelle Rosenberg Flores by Day 1:07
Reed O'Beirne Full of Empty 2:30
Hamish Chapel I Love My Job 3:30
Intermission Projections by Steve Hawks 15:00
Ben Ireland Tura 3:00
Martha Colburn Hey Tiger 2:50
Interlude Solstice Filmmette 1:02
Yuri Campbell Long Pig 3:19
Interlude Elliott Bay Filmette 0:40
Susan Campisi Psycho Boyfriend 2:21
Tony Gault The Gift 11:37
Reed O'Beirne All About You 3:06
Martha Colburn Persecution in Paradise 6:43


Ambient Video Projections - Steve Hawks

Music by DJ 00#/
At Seattle's Alibi Room

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