Seattle Super-8 Gems
16 November 1998

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The second installation of the Emerald Reels Super 8 Lounge (ERS8) turned out an another great audience on a rainy Monday night to watch seven new Super 8 films and a fantastic Regular 8mm cut-up of found footage. Ben Ireland’s Sťance opened the show as a debut for even the filmmaker himself since he’d only viewed the movie through his editing-viewer and hadn't yet seen it through a projector.

Concluding the show, Ben Blankenship’s dual-projected regular 8mm cut-up spellbound the audience. On one projector, he showed a "Nudist Film"– actually an early form of   pornography from an era when naked beachgoers eating watermelon and playing volleyball was all the prurience allowed to adult filmmakers. On the second projector, he featured a well edited reel of found family footage from the early 50's and 60's designed to cleverly coincide with images from the first film. In juxtaposition the piece served as a hilarious reminder of how much things have changed in the last 40 years.

Once again, the show was held tight and wrapped together by the sonic layering of dj eeg and the stunning slide projections of Ted Grudowski.

Filmmaker Filmtitle Runtime
Ben Ireland Seance 4:01
Reed O'Beirne Some of our Debts 5:30
Hamish Chapel I Love Lucifer 3:30
Will Skolochenko Beast or Breast 2:23
Markus Krieg Axe Murderer 1:07
Troy Swanson An Awesome Pie 1:50
Reed O'Beirne Little Bit 2:01
Ben Blankenship 8mm Cut-up 13:00

Slide Projections: Ted Grudowski

Music: dj eeg

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